Sell Coins – Step by Step Guide to Sell Coins Online

If you want to know how to sell coins and you want to have all the information to be able to sell your pieces safely, whether you have italian lira coins to sell or some euro coins, american coins or other different and older coins, you are in the right place.

Read the full article below or use the menu below to get to the topic you are interested in. We also recommend you to read our guide that deals with the topic of how to buy coins online. Enjoy reading it.

Introduction to Online Coin Selling

If you’ve got a big pile of coins at home and don’t know what to do with them, you might just think about selling them online. You don’t need to have 1 or 2 tons of coins in a bag, you just need 1 simple coin of great value and you may be able to turn that old piece of metal into real and sound money

The process of selling coins online is easy and certainly accessible to everyone. With online auctions then you can find a myriad of buyers since the public of those who are looking for coins is international and therefore you can optimize the earnings given the greater number of bidders than a single person interested in your coin.

The whole process can be simplified in 3 steps:

  • Prepare your coin or lot of coins for the auction, taking photographs and writing an accurate description of the items.
  • Send the draft of the auction for review, with photos and descriptions and aspects that the team of experts examine and approve (or disapprove) the lot to be included in an auction.
  • If the lot is approved start the auction, if it is disapproved make the necessary changes and send it back for review until it is approved.

Let’s describe now step by step the main steps, this way you too will be able to create your first online coin auction, have fun and hopefully earn money. Have a good read.

Step 1 – Free Registration

First you need to register with the portal that manages the auctions. It takes 2 minutes to register, it’s easy and free. You can also register directly by clicking here. Once you have completed and confirmed your registration, click on the blue “start selling” button.

Step 2 – Category and Pictures

The first thing to do is to select the correct category, where our auction will then appear. It is important not to make a mistake because otherwise the auction will not be accepted or the people interested will never find your coin

come vendere monete online all'asta

Then select “Coins and Banknotes” and click the blue “next” button. You will also have the possibility to choose in detail the category and the specific type of coin you are going to auction. Then from the list choose the correct option, for example if you are auctioning the coins of the lire select “Italian coins” as in the photo, then continue.

come vendere monete online all'asta

Adding the right images is crucial. Needless to say, sending a lot with poor quality, blurry or blurry images where you can’t see the coins you want to sell in detail will certainly result in disapproval. So invest some time in taking beautiful, sharp, bright pictures.

Show as many details as possible, the front and back of the coin, the year, the edge, any defects. We even, to be even more precise, always include a picture of the coin on a sling bar so that the weight of the piece is also visible, which is often an additional factor in determining the authenticity of the piece.

come vendere monete online all'asta

Step 3 – Details and Specifications

Now let’s go into even more detail and enter the country of origin of the coins, the currency, the year, the number of items in the lot and all other information that the system requires you. Among all these very important are the description, which must be as exhaustive as possible and the degree of quality of the coins.

come vendere monete online all'asta

Now it is your turn to enter the data concerning the estimated coin value, the starting price and the reserve price of your lot.

come vendere monete online all'asta

On this new page you will have to enter the shipping costs that the winning user will have to pay to receive the lot. Since the buyer may not be Italian, you will have to inform yourself about the shipping costs of your coins not only in Italy but also in Europe and outside of Europe.

come vendere monete online all'asta

Step 4 – Preview and Approval

Now it’s time to see a preview of our lot, to see how it will look when added to online auctions. Please check that all the information is correct and that all the photos have been uploaded as you desired.

come vendere monete online all'asta

The simple summary that is proposed to you will be very useful to check everything quickly. If everything is ok, all you have left to do is click “confirm and submit” and your lot will be reviewed by the expert.

come vendere monete online all'asta

Now your lot will be examined to make sure it meets the standards for the selected category. Check your email in 1 or 2 days to see the progress of the review. The expert will notify you directly on your email if the auction starts or if any changes are needed.

We hope this short guide has helped you enter the exciting world of online auctions from the seller’s side. If you also want to try to buy rare coins at auction, so to participate as a buyer, read our specific guide and you will see that you will not regret it and indeed you will find a new exciting and exciting passion.

Have a good auction!

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