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If you want to know how to buy coins online and you want to have all the information to be able to buy safely ancient coins, gold or silver coins or euro coins, you’re in the right place.

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Coins: A passion to discover.

Let’s start by telling you that buying coins is a really interesting activity and it is also rich in various aspects, which is not limited to the pure and simple activity of buying and selling.

Coin-buyers do so mainly for two reasons. The first is to buy coins online to collect them. Maybe if you are an experienced numismatist and you need a missing piece for your coin collection, you have to buy it. Or you’re a newly started collector and need more pieces, perhaps in batch, for your newborn coin collection.

And note well that we are not talking about collecting and then buying coins from 2000 years ago (well you can also find those and they are beautiful). You can also collect very well the most recent coins, such as the dollar or the Euro, of which there is a collection, the Euro coins collection to which we have given so much space on our site.

In other words, all the coins of all the European countries, including commemorative coins, are collected, preserved and gathered. Do you know that often you can find 2 euro Italian coins with different designs? Here, those are 2 euro commemorative coins and are very much collected and sought after.

If you’re wondering what’s the point of collecting or buying coins as recent as the Euro, just think that a few single euro coins are worth hundreds of euros (sorry for the word-game). You can see some examples by taking a look at the 2 euro commemorative coins from the Vatican.

But let’s not get lost in the maze of euro coins and move on.

Other things you need to know

Another reason why you’re looking to buy coins online is for simple investment. This is the case especially of coins minted with precious metals, such as gold and silver coins which we will discuss specifically in a later chapter, always on this page.

Buying Ancient Coins

Among the most fascinating coins, ancient coins play a very important role. And I warn you… not only is the subject really interesting but also very, very exciting.

monete antiche greche o romane da comprare all'asta
Examples of ancient Roman or Greek coins you can buy (click on the image to see them all).

We also understood the consequences of this passion, but only later, after we started to study some rare Italian lira coins or some Roman coins. And the consequences were seen, indeed, when we started to receive packages with gold and silver coins hundreds of years ago. All pieces or lots purchased as and where we will explain shortly.

I assure you that the emotion you feel holding in your hand (with gloves eh) a Roman silver coin in circulation at the time of the Emperor Augustus or Commodus, and observe the drawings and the patina, is very strong and difficult to describe.

You are not holding a pure piece of silver or gold in your hand, although you are, in fact. You are holding a piece of human history in your hand, a physical and tangible testimony of events and characters hundreds, if not thousands, of years old.

Where to buy Ancient Coins

Unfortunately, ancient coins are not found everywhere. Here in Italy they are rarely found in antique markets.

In addition, to own ancient coins you must have a certificate certifying their origin. In this way you are sure that you do not buy or hold coins stolen from private collections, museums or archaeological sites.

Now, it is necessary to know the exact origin of the coin and to have the certainty of its authenticity are essential parameters that serve to maintain the value of the piece itself.

To buy antique coins you need to use a portal that guarantees all this and that we have used regularly for years, this site. We have also created a short guide that explains how to register in 1 minute, you can find it on this page and how auctions work on this page. The website that we do use as well and where you can buy silver coins and other coins is here.

Signing up is really easy, it’s obviously free and once inside you’ll have access to the largest choice of antique coins you can find online.

You can buy Roman coins, Greek coins, American coins, ancient Byzantine coins or coins from the Middle East.

Did you think you’d go to a store near your house and find Roman sesterces for sale? Oh, no. Today you can buy antique coins online and all with maximum guarantees on authenticity, on certificates of origin and with the certainty of delivery.

How to Buy Gold Coins

Buying gold coins is another possibility for those who today have no problem using the internet and have a substantial budget.

English and Italian gold coins that you can buy at auction (click on the image to see them all)

Gold coins are actually a quick and easy way to exchange cash for precious metals. First, gold coins are easy to find once you know how to do it (we’ll write it down for you in a few minutes). Then they are a safe and liquid investment with great ease.

In short, having gold coins is a type of common investment and also giving them, perhaps to children or grandchildren, is a very common practice.

Why buy gold coins?

If you want to invest in precious metals, as mentioned earlier, gold coins are an excellent solution, certainly much more efficient than buying ingots.

To buy gold bars, you must have large amounts of money. Unless you’re sure you’re buying a few grams of gold bars, which you’ll pay very little for then, but which are proportionally less convenient.

Gold coins, on the other hand, are small, you can carry and move them easily and once you have them in your house they keep their value.

In reality, their value is not only that of the metal from which they are composed and which is subject to the law of the market (for example, in this period the price of gold is growing rapidly).

Gold coins also have a “numismatic” value that hardly deteriorates or loses value and that make them even more sought after in the market of collecting and not only in that of precious metals.

It will therefore be easy for you, once you decide to sell your coins, return on your investment, find a buyer and then monetize in cash.

Types of gold coins

Once you start browsing the gold coins section, you’ll find that the types of coins in circulation are more or less always the same.

If your goal is to buy gold coins for investment, you’ll see that the gold sovereigns and a few other types of coins that we list below are the main ones.

These are all coins that you can easily buy and just as easily sell as the demand is always high and you’ll never have trouble monetizing your investment in cash.

Gold Sovereigns

A few gold sovereigns coins at auction. (click on the image to see more).

These are precious coins that are called “sovereign” because they always represent an English sovereign. Gold pounds are the most common investment coin in europe. You’ll find dozens with different prices and weights. By the way, consider that gold coins are weighed in troy ounces.

Gold Euro Coins

Some gold coins of the Euro from different denominations. (click on the image to see more).

The European Union, through the European Central Bank, also issues gold coins, including commemorative coins, of various denominations. On this page you will find gold euro coins with face values of 10 euro, 20 euro, 25 euro, 50 euro, 100 euro.

These are only face values, please note that the 100 euro gold coin weighs 1 oz, i.e. one ounce of gold.

Gold Francs Coins

tre monete franchi d'oro da comprare all'asta
The famous “marenghi” are the 20 gold francs. (click on the image to see more).

The French gold coins on this page are another type of widely used investment gold coin and you will find lots of them, often more than the gold pounds. Their denominations are different, there are 40 francs, 20 francs, 10 and 5 francs.

Now, the most famous and well-known are undoubtedly the 20 franc gold coins, the so-called “golden marenghi” or “napoleon coins”. We have talked a lot about the those on this page: the napoleon coins.

Gold Dollar Coins

comprare monete d'oro in dollari
A few gold dollars coins at auction (click on the image to see more).

The dollar is a safe currency because of its great stability and gold dollars are always much sought after. The denominations are numerous, from 1 dollar, 5 dollars, 10 dollars, up to 100 dollars. Obviously to the value of the precious metal must be added the numismatic value of the coin, some really remarkable. You can see all the gold dollars at auction right now by clicking here.

Gold Lira Coins

Some gold LIRA coins including one from the Vatican and the Kingdom of Italy (click on the image to see them all)

Italy does not joke when it comes to giving a wide choice to buy gold coins. The old lyre has a wide variety of coins of various denominations and various Italian historical periods

Well known are the golden liras of the Kingdom of Sardinia with Carlo Alberto, or the liras with the various kings of Italy from Umberto I to Vittorio Emanuele.

Note of major interest is also in this case for the “Italian marengo” (the 20 francs or napoleon coin) and for the coins of the gold liras of the Vatican, with portraits of the various Popes, see them all by clicking here.

Gold Krugerrand

The Krugerrand is the gold investment coin of the State of South Africa. Let us remember that South Africa is one of the states richest in gold mines and precious stones.

Gulden Coin

The Gulden, on the other hand, is the gold investment coin of the Netherlands. You can buy this gold coin by choosing from several denominations depending on your budget.

Gold Rouble Coin

We talk about the Russian coin, the ruble, available in many denominations of even 100 rubles and always in demand on the market.

Gold Yuan Coin

Last but not least, the gold investment coin from China, the gold Yuan, available in different denominations but always depicted on the coin in different poses a Panda.

Where to buy gold coins?

We also use the same portal as before to buy gold coins and all operations are carried out online, directly from the comfort of your home on our sofa.

|–| The portal where you can buy gold coins online is in this page. You will find a guide on how to register on this page. You will find a guide on how to buy gold coins at the bottom of this page (or by clicking here) |–|

Registration is easy and once inside you can go to the gold coins section (click here and go directly) and see all the pieces at auction.

All you have to do is choose the gold coin to buy, always paying attention to your budget. Consider that you will have to add an auction commission of 9% and shipping costs (about 10$) to the price of the auction.

Buying gold at the bank

Even though banks hold most of the world’s gold reserves, they don’t sell you coins. Apart from that, I don’t think you want to go into the bank and buy a bar weighing 11 kg of gold.

At most banks sell you the gold certificates but in the end where is the passion, the emotion of owning a gold coin of Marcus Aurelius, if you have a piece of paper in your hand?

Buying Silver Coins

As for the argument of gold or antique coins, if you want to buy silver coins you do it either for investment or for pure passion and collecting.

monete d'argento da comprare all'asta
Some silver coins to buy at auction (click on the image to see more)

The silver coins we like best to buy are those from the Roman Imperial period. Wonderful pieces that circulated at the time of the Empire you can buy less than 50$ per piece including shipping.

Fantastic examples that you can add to your numismatic collection or if you want to invest in your investment coin portfolio.

The most popular modern silver coins are undoubtedly silver dollars. Silver dollars are not only minted by the United States but also by other countries such as Canada, Australia, New Zealand etc..

The designs on silver coins are very varied and in this case you can also make your own choices to buy the coins that suit you best for aesthetics, including colorful designs or commemorative coins.

Where to buy silver coins

|–| The portal where you can buy silver coins online is in this page. You will find a guide on how to register on this page. You will find a guide on how to buy silver coins at the bottom of this page (or by clicking here) |–|

Buy Virtual Coins

It seems almost a heresy to approach the subject of virtual coins or cryptocurrencies to the one of Roman or Greek coins

However, we have to deal with the present and with the times that are running, whether we like it or not, digital times. Are you not finally reading this page on the internet?

Then wouldn’t it be nice to be able to invest and buy virtual coins, with the advantage of not physically owning the coin and being able to manage it in real time, store it, sell it or buy it again with just 1 click of the mouse?

Where to buy virtual coins

[TUTORIAL] How to Buy Coins Online

Now I’ll show you how to buy coins at auction, you’ll see that not only it is easy but also fun and exciting.

Step 1

First you must be registered to the portal. Signing up is free and it only takes 1 minute, you can do it directly from this page. If you are already registered, all you have to do is login and go to step 2.

Step 2

Now you have to find the coin you want to buy. If you already know what you are looking for, you can simply enter the name of the coin or a keyword in the search field at the top of the site.

campo di ricerca catawiki

Alternatively you can use the various menus to browse through the different categories of coins and browse through the various specimens and types of coins to buy.

Passo 3

Once you have found the coin you want to buy click “view lot” and after reading its specifications and analyzing its photos, you can proceed to make a bid.

Keep an eye on the auction’s expiration and remember that the closer the expiration is, the more the price is likely to rise. In short, the game and the fun of the auction begin now. You can bid now or wait a while to see how the auction is progressing. We usually already know how much we want to spend on a coin and so we place a maximum bid that we are willing to give. So we don’t have to follow the lot anymore but we’ll get a notification in case of an outdated bid or a win.

Make an offer using different tools.

Now that you’ve made an offer, wait. If your offer is exceeded you will be notified by a notification and you can make another offer. If your bid remains the highest at the end of the time, you will win the coin.

One way to keep the auction monitored is to install the App on your mobile phone, so even when you’re in a chair watching a movie, you can take a look at your auctions and do the necessary operations (we do just like that).

Now, a little trick I want to share with you. If you can’t find the coin you’re looking for, you can use the “auction alerts”. In other words, you can enter a keyword that you want to keep under control, for example the name of a coin, and the system will automatically notify you when that coin is available in an auction.

Auction alerts

Step 4

If someone went over your offer don’t worry, next time you will have your revenge. But if you have won the coin now you will receive this screen.

And just below you will be given all the information to proceed with the payment and check the shipment.

Step 5

The coin is now almost yours, you must proceed to the payment within 3 days. Use the “pay your lot” button that you will see in the message that will arrive:

That’s it! Now the coin is yours and will be sent within 3 days. You can always contact the seller if you have any questions but the security is that he will be paid only after he has sent the coin because the system acts as an intermediary (for this you pay him with the commission of 9%).

You can also follow the tracking of the package to follow the shipment in comfort.

tracciamento della spedizione di monete rare

Emotions, safety and best profit! Hava a Good auction!

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