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It was 1861 when, in the Kingdom of Italy, appeared for the first time a new coin, the 1 lira coin. The 1 lyre coin was composed of silver and did not weigh more than 5 grams, had a diameter of 23.1 mm and until 1863 the title it owned was 900/1000 and then became (until 1917) equal to 835/1000.

1 lira coin collection
A collection of Italian 1 lira coins

It was a historical coin that was diffused and that resisted the time, adapting to the demands and needs of the market. In fact, it first abandoned silver, then nickel and finally acmonital and then left room for the aluminum and magnesium alloy known as Italma.

1 Lira Coin of Vittorio Emanuele II

In the period between 1861 and 1867 the 1 Lira coin celebrated Vittorio Emanuele II of Savoy, last King of Sardinia and first King of Italy.

This rare italian coin shows, in fact, the representation of the profile of the King facing right. All around the engraving of the name and the thousandth, instead the name of the author Ferraris was written in much smaller characters and under the neck of the King.

The verse, instead, was characterized by the Savoy coat of arms, adorned with laurel branches and complete with the showy written Kingdom of Italy, to which was added the value ( L ● 1) and the mint sign.

Made of Silver with a diameter of 23 mm and the total weight, as mentioned above, of 5 grams.

1 lira coin with Vittorio Emanuele II
Exemplar di 1 lira coin with Vittorio Emanuele II

1 Lira Coin of Bologna – 1859

1 Lira Coin Bologna 1859
1 Lira Coin Bologna 1859

Although 1859 was the reference year carved in the straight, the coin was minted in 1860.

On the reverse side, around the coat of arms of the Savoy family with the collar of the annunziata intertwined with laurel branches, the inscription God protects Italy and at the bottom the indication of the respective value (L●1) and the mint sign B

1 Lira Coin Bologna Value

An example of this rare silver coin from 1859, preserved with particular care (FDC quality), was auctioned April 20, 2004 for 2,654 €.

Turin coat of arms – 1863

1 Lira Coin Stemma Torino 1863

It was minted in Turin, Florence and Naples in 1861-62, while in the period between 1863 and 1867 it was minted, along with another variant in Turin and Milan.

Above the text “REGNO D’ITALIA”, below the representation of the laurel branches and the sign of the mint T (Turin), next to which appeared the initials BN of “Banca Nazionale” (national bank) inserted in a rectangle.

1 Lira Coin Florence – 1859-1860

In 1859 the 1 lira coin was minted for the city of Florence.

The coin in question had the coat of arms of the House of Savoy on the right hand side with the collar of the annunziata woven between the branches of laurel.  At the top, the inscription “Una lira italiana” and at the bottom, in addition to the indication of the thousandth of minting, also the place: Florence.

In the reverse, however, we find the face of the King facing right, embraced by the words “Vittorio Emanuele Re Eletto“, at the bottom, more precisely under the neck, the name of the author Gori .

1 Lira Coin Florence Firenze 1860
1 Lire Coin Florence 1860

1 lira Coin 1861 value

The 1861 coin with mint of Florence and circulation of 453122, recognized as rare, has a value in euro of 172€ if it falls within the category MB.

A value of 300€ if BB and 6.900€ if it is for all intents and purposes FDC (mint).

Different values for the same coin with tick of Turin that had a circulation of only 20368 and therefore very rare.

If MB has a euro value of 920€, if BB has a value of 1725€ and if Brilliant Uncirculated of 34.000€.

Value 1 lira coin of 1862

A coin minted in 1862, with a mint of Naples and a circulation of 521842, is rare:

  • MB 92€
  • BB 645€
  • FDC 3.565€

Same year, 1862, but Turin Mint, considered very rare thanks to a circulation of 110712:

  • MB 230€
  • SPL 805€
  • FDC 9.200€

1 lira coin 1863 value

With a circulation of 25256478, the coin was minted in 1863 and is considered common with Milan Mint:

  • MB 6€
  • SPL 23€
  • FDC 265€

While the one with the tick of Turin and a circulation of 2383096:

  • MB 12€
  • BB 58€
  • FDC 862€

1 lira coin 1867 Value

The one-lire coin, minted in 1867, with a Milan mint and a common circulation of 8047861:

  • MB 6€
  • BB 29€
  • FDC 299€

Finally, the one with the tick of Turin, slightly widespread (circulation of 352238):

  • MB 173€
  • BB 460€
  • FDC 4.600€

1 Lira Coin Umberto I – 1883/1900

1 Lira coin Umberto I
1 Lira Coin Umberto I 1883/1900

Starting from 1883 a new version of 1 Lira coin was distributed.

The coin was dedicated to Umberto I and presented to the right the head of the King facing right surrounded at the top by the words “Umberto I – King of Italy“. In the lower part of the coin there is the date and the engraving showing the name of the author, in this case “Speranza” which, as usual, followed the inclination of the neck.

On the reverse side there was the Savoy coat of arms crowned and surrounded by the collar of the “Annunziata” with branches of laurel and oak. While the value was engraved on the sides of the coat of arms, the mint sign (respectively R for Rome and M for Milan) was present at the bottom.

1 Lira Coin with Umberto I Value

It was coined from 1883 until 1990

  • The specimens of 1883 were 5,6692, so considered R4, very rare, in FDC can be worth € 50,000, € 8,500 if BB and € 4,000 if MB
  • In 1892 only 33,172 pieces were minted, they are rare R2, so the value is 7,415€ in FDC, 1,510€ if BB or 756€ if MB

1 Lira Coin with Vittorio Emanuele III

Between 1901 and 1917 and under Vittorio Emanuele III were issued 3 different coins that responded to the resolutions of the Latin Monetary Union. The following coins were issued:

1 Lira Savoy Eagle Coin (Aquila Sabauda) 1901/1907

1 Lira coin Aquila Sabauda
1 Lira Coin Aquila Sabauda

On the right there is the naked head of the King facing right, surrounded by the inscription “Vittorio Emanuele III” of the author and completed by the name of the author “Speranza“.

While on the reverse side there was a heraldic eagle crowned with a Savoy shield on its chest, the inscription “Kingdom of Italy” all around, the value on the sides and the sign of the mint R (Rome).

1 Lira Savoy Eagle Coin Value

It was coined from 1901 until 1913

The rarest are those of 1905 with 73,5079 coins minted, therefore considered R2, very rare:

  • FDC  3.450€
  • BB  368€ 
  • MB 230€ 

1 Lira Coin Fast Quadriga (Quadriga veloce) 1908/1913

 1 Lira Coin"Fast Quadriga" Quadriga Veloce
1 Lira coin Quadriga Veloce  1908

Between 1908 and 1913 the typology of 1 Lira was widespread, with the half-bust of the King in uniform depicted on the right. The face facing right is almost entirely circled by the words “Vittorio Emanuele III ● Re● D’Italia” and on the left part, the name of the author “D ● Calandra M“.

In the reverse there was instead the allegorical figure of Italy armed with a shield, helmet and oak branch placed on a cart, adorned with a knot called “savoia knot”, and pulled by 4 horses. At the bottom, always between two savoia knots, the value “L●1” and the mint mark above the left knot, while above the right knot the name of the engraver “L●Giorgi Inc“. and again above the left army the name of the author.

Value of  1 Lira Coin Quadriga Veloce

Coined from 1908 to 1913

  • The rarest are those of the 1908 R in FDC, a specimen in FDC of this coin, defined by the exceptional curators, was auctioned on April 13, 2013 for €575.

1 Lira coin Quadriga Briosa 1915/1917

The coin known as Quadriga Briosa was issued between 1915 and 1917.

On the right there was the head of the King facing right and a nod of uniform, around the figure the name of the same “Vittorio Emanuele III ● King of Italy “and under the name of the author “D. Calandra M.“.

On the reverse side there is the quadriga facing left, at the reins of which there is Italy, pulled by running horses. In the lower part there is the name of the authors “D. Calandra” and “A. Motti Inc.” and the symbol of the mint of Rome.

1 Lira Quadriga Briosa 1 Lira Coin - 1 Lira Coin Value
1 Lira Coin of Quadriga Briosa

Value of 1 Lira coin Quadriga Briosa

It was minted from 1915 until 1917

  • The rarest are those of 1916 R, can reach 150 € if in FDC

1 Lira Coin “bond” – 1922/1935

After the First World War, a 1 lire voucher was beaten in nickel, issued to cover the huge war expenses.

On the right was the allegorical figure symbolizing Italy sitting on a pedestal and facing left. This one with the left held the winged Victory, with the right a branch of olive tree. In the background, the wide inscription “ITALIA” to the right of the pedestal, the names of the authors on two lines and in the background the year.

Along the edge of the reverse there was instead a laurel wreath and in the center was engraved with the value BVONO L●1 flanked by the Savoy coat of arms.

1 Lira Buono 1922 1935
1 Lira Buono 1922 1935

Value 1 Lira Coin “Buono”

From 1929 to 1935 only 50 copies per year were produced in the version for numismatics, these are classifiable as R3 and their value is very high.

Also in 1926 and 1927 they were issued for the exclusive use of numismatics. In 1926,  500 coins R and in 1927,  100 coins R3.

On April 13, 2013, a 1934 R3 coin in FDC quality was awarded to an Auction for €1,840.

1 lira coin 1940 value

The lira minted in 1940, with a mint in Rome and a circulation of 25,997,000, is now worth 1.5 euros if SPL and 9 euros if FDC (mint).

1 Lira Coin “Orange” (Arancia) –1946/1950

1 Lira Arancia 1 Lira Coin - 1 Lira Coin Value
1 Lira Coin “Orange” Arancia

The coin shows on the right hand side a woman’s head turned to the left, decorated with ears of wheat. Around the figure is the inscription ‘Repubblica Italiana‘ and at the bottom are indications of the authors ‘Romagnoli P G Inc’.

The reverse depicts an orange branch with fruit and an indication of the value between the thousandth and the mint.

1 lira coin 1946 value

The value of the exemplar coined in 1946 with the Roma mint and a circulation of 104,000:

  • BB €70
  • SPL €100
  • QFDC €200
  • FDC €320

1 lira coin 1947 value

The exemplar minted in 1947 with the mint of Rome and a circulation of 12,000:

  • BB €320
  • SPL €600
  • QFDC €1.020
  • FDC €1.550

1 lira coin 1948 value

With a spread of 9,000,000 was coined in 1948 a lira with a mint of Rome, certainly considered common:

  • BB €3
  • SPL €6
  • QFDC €15
  • FDC €50

1 lira coin 1949 value

The following year, in 1949, the same coin was minted with a circulation of 13.200.00 and the mint of Rome:

  • BB €2
  • SPL €6
  • QFDC €15
  • FDC €50

1 lira coin 1950 value

Finally, in 1950 it was coined, again with the mint of Rome and spread of 1,942,000:

  • BB €2
  • SPL €15
  • QFDC €32
  • FDC €57

1 Lira Coin Cornucopia – 1951/1959

In 1951 the new 1 lire coin was issued, which presented on the right a scale with the inscription all around “Italian Republic” and a central hyphen. At the bottom three quarters presented the name of the author “Romagnoli“.

On the reverse side was engraved a cornucopia. At its right there was a readable value and on two lines the year of diffusion and the mint. In 1954 more pieces of this type were minted, for a total of about 42,000,000.

Those were the years in which the saying “The lira is not worth a horn” spread because of inflation that penalized the purchasing power, and in 1959, for these reasons, the manufacturing was stopped.

1 Lira Cornucopia 1 Lira Coin - 1 Lira Coin Value
1 Lira Coin Cornucopia

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Value of 1 lira coin 1951

The 1951 coin, minted in Rome and issued in 3,680,000 copies, currently has a value of:

  • BB €6
  • SPL €10
  • FDC €25

1 lira coin 1952 value

The same coin was minted in 1952, with a circulation of 2,720,000:

  • BB €10
  • SPL €15
  • FDC €32

1 lira 1953 coin value

The coin from Una Lira minted in 1953, with a circulation of 2,900,000:

  • BB €4
  • SPL €9
  • FDC €15

1 lira coin 1954 value

This is a 1 Lira coin minted in 1954, like all previous and subsequent coins, with a mint of Rome, and a decidedly common circulation of 41,040,000 copies:

  • BB €0,50
  • SPL €1,5
  • FDC €4

1 lira coin 1955 value

This 1 Lira coin was minted in 1955, with a mint of Rome and a slightly lower circulation than the previous year, that is 32,640,000 copies with the following value:

  • BB €0,50
  • SPL €2,5
  • FDC €5

1 lira coin 1956 value

In 1956 1 Lira is minted from the same mint but different circulation, with a total of 1,840,050 copies:

  • BB €10
  • SPL €15
  • FDC €32

1 lira coin 1957 value

In 1957 a coin from Una Lira was minted with a circulation of 7,440,000, which today has a value of:

  • BB €3
  • SPL €5
  • FDC €10

1 lira coin 1958 value

The Lira that was coined in 1958 with a circulation of 5,280,000:

  • BB €2
  • SPL €5
  • FDC €8

This coin has today a value of 2€ if BB, of 5€ if SPL, of 8€ if FDC.

1 lira coin 1959 value

Instead, the Lira coined in 1959, and distributed for a total of 1,680,000 copies has the following values:

  • BB €4
  • SPL €10
  • FDC €25

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