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rare euro coins and their values

What are the rare Euro coins and their value? The new currency has not left the collectors disappointed. There are many pieces to collect.

rare italian lira coins

The value that old lira coins can have could surprise you. If you found rare lira coins in an old drawer or purse, read here.

rare euro cents coins with values

Even the small euro cents reserve big surprises. Due to some coinage errors they can reach values of thousands of euros. Better to read here.

500 lire coins silver italian

Want to know the value of the 500 Lira Silver? Here is all the information, curiosities and quotations of the rarest 500 lire of the Italian Republic.

ancient coins like roman coins and greek coins

Throughout history many types of ancient coins have been minted including Roman Coins, Greek Coins etc.. and you can collect them all.

2 euro commemorative coins catalogue with values

The 2 Euro Commemorative are special coins minted by the member countries of the Euro Zone and are coins full of curiosities.

napoleon coins like gold 20 francs and gold italian lira rare coins

History, value and special features of one of the most famous gold coins: the 20 lire and 20 franc gold coins also known as Napoleon Coin.

value and rarity of all the 50 euro cents rare coins

Find out which are the rare 50 euro cents, the common ones and the editions you can’t find. With a look at the 50 cents coins of the old lire…

italian 200 lire rare coins with values

The 200 lire coin is one of the historical coins of the Italian lire. Find out which are the 200 rare lire and what value these rare Italian coins have.

italian telephone tokens with vaues

Remember the old phone tokens that were used in public cabins? Here you can see if your tokens have value or not. (Under Construction)

quotation of gold sovereigns coins

On this page you will find all the information about the Gold Sovereign Coin, value, history and price of this legendary coin among the modern rare coins.

world coins

A trip to countries around the world to discover their past and present coins: Chinese coins, Polish coins. (Under Construction)

Learn how to sell your coins and much more…

Click on the guide of your choice. You can learn how to keep your coins or how to sell and buy them, and much more…

how to buy and sell rare coins online

From a numismatics store in the city to hundreds of lots of online auctions. Here’s where to sell your rare coins or buy new ones.

how to clean coins

Often the coins are not in very good condition. Here we will explain you how to clean your coins depending on the type of metal they are made of.

art of numismatics

Defined as the “Hobby of the Kings”, Numismatics is the study of coins. Here is an article that introduces you to this exciting practice. (WIP)

Things you need to know

If you’re a coin lover, there are a few things you need to know. Read our guides and cultivate your passion with us.

gold coins and investment coins

Let’s discover the history, the value and the peculiarities of the most famous gold coins such as the gold sovereign or the napoleon coin.

how to do coin auctions online

Have you seen the coins for sale at numismatic auctions and want to sell yours too? Here’s how to sell or buy rare coins easily.

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